Golf Report

Last Saturday we had 13 starters in a 4BWB and Individual sponsored by Greg Kearines and Rob Gainsford.
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This was won by Neil Haley and Ross King with 33 points from Tony Harding and Steve Gillette with 32 points.

On 31 points we had Peter Kierath and Bill Burke.

The best individual score was Neil Haley with 41 points from Bill Burke with 40 points.

Nearest to the pin ninth Jamie McKinnon 10th Ross King.

On Sunday we had an Irish Stableford sponsored by the Club which was won by Jack Burgess and Bill Burke with 76 points from Brian Scott and Bryce Crawford with 69 points.

Third was Neil and Therese Haley with 68 points.

Nearest to the pin ninth Chris Harding and 10th Richard Duff.

Tomorrow we have a 4BBB sponsored by the club and Sunday we have a four person Ambrose sponsored by Bill O’Brien Fencing.

This will be in a similar format to the Scramble which unfortunately has been cancelled this year.

There will be a barbecue lunch also.

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Narromine-Dubbo Rifle Club Report

A fine, sunny day with little wind set the scene for nine rifle shooters, including two visitors, at the Narromine-Dubbo rifle range on Saturday, when competition was held over 600 yards.
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This time, F-class shooters outnumbered the target rifle brigade by two to one.

In A-grade, both Scott Monaghan and Rob McKay started well with a pair of 48s while in F-class, Rob Rainbow fired a 59/60 to lead the field.

In the second stage, McKay went up a gear and fired a 49/50 to win the A-grade Cock O’the Walk badge with an off-rifle score of 97/100.

The F-class badge went to Rob Rainbow who finished with a total of 115/120.

Visiting shooter, Lionel Morrish acquitted himself well starting off in F-class and fired two stages of 52 to finish on 104/120.

The weekly handicap trophy was hotly contested and finally went to Scott Monaghan on count back.

After some close shaves, the little white spot remains intact and jackpots again next week.

Individual scores were:

Scott Monaghan 48/47, off-rifle 95, handicap 6, total 100/100; Rob McKay 48/49, o/r 97, hcp 2, total 99/100; Alan Taylor 55/56, F-class total 111/120; Cameron Johnston 44/49, F-class total 93/120;

Lionel Morrish 52/52, F-class total 104/120; Rob Rainbow 59/56, F-class total 115/120;

Arthur Seaman 48/43, F-class total 91/120; David Brown 45/49, o/r 94, hcp 2, total 96/100;

Val Jackson 45/50, F-class total 95/120.

Next Saturday, shooting is from 700 yards starting at 12.30pm. On Sunday, the club holds the annual open prize shoot starting at 8am.

Competition is over one 600 yard range and two 500 yard ranges.

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Ladies Bowls Report

This week after an early morning shower some 24 bowlers took to the greens for the Una Dalton Trophy.
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We have been competing for this trophy for 23 years now between the two clubs the score is pretty much even.

Once again there was very little between the two clubs but Dubbo City were victorious winning 43 points to 41.

Congratulations to Dubbo City.

We were delighted to have Una Dalton here to present the trophy at the end of the day and we look forward to next year when we compete again.

Next week is Social Bowls and the following week we have our Friendship Day when we will have visitors from all the surrounding clubs – have you put your name down to play on this day?

The card for nominations is on the board.

Lunch Roster for next week Pam Roberts and Felicity Powell.

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Settlers found fertile soil in valley

Orchards in the Cordeaux River valley prospered in the 1800s and the first half of the 20th century. They regularly entered the Wollongong Show. Edward Rees is pictured third from the left.John Leo McNamara wrote in his book Life at Cordeaux River, “When all traces of human intrusion have disappeared from the valley, it will remain akin to ‘Paradise’.”
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The early settlers of the Cordeaux River valley, finding rich red volcanic soil plus an abundance of water supplied from the Cordeaux River, realised the valley was an ideal spot for cultivation and to settle and raise families.

It has been reported that Robert Fishlock was the first settler.

In the 1850s Mr Jevron, a mineralogist, visited the area to assess the minerals the settlers discovered.

Before Mr Jevron’s visit, the Morans and Fishlocks had settled the valley and clearing and cultivation of apple orchards as well as dairy farms were being established.

It was unusual to see a property advertised for sale in the valley although in December 1850 a 50 acre property was placed on the market. It was advertised as a four-room slab cottage with seven acres fenced, cropped with wheat, 15 acres with timber felled and a small dairy.

In September 1856, a road to be constructed to Cordeaux River was gazetted:

“The road commences immediately after crossing the Fig Tree bridge going towards Dapto, then through M Ryan’s land onto Rixon’s and down the side of the avenue along the flat below Mrs McGroory’s house until it reaches the waterfall, round which it winds along the margin of the creek, which it crosses near the hut where W Gregory now lives, and along the flat until it reaches Mr Gordon’s ground; just after entering it the road crosses the creek three times then rises over a jutting point and ascends the higher ground belonging to Mr Gordon, from there heading towards the mountain through Lehaney’s and James’ (now Stafford) land down to the bridge over the blind creek at Stafford’s 30 acres after which passing through this ground it enters an uncultivated forest running in the direction of American Creek some rods from its margin, until the road crosses it at some elevation above the flats, winding round the ranges until it reaches the Cordeaux.

“This road was first surveyed by Mr Shone some five years ago, and was proclaimed, but for the satisfaction of the public and parties interested therein a large tracing is now placed within their reach …

“The whole of the road which it passes, as far as Stafford’s on the American Creek, is cultivated or enclosed ground and in some places a fence marks the line, but from Stafford’s to the Cordeaux, it is in a state of nature excepting those portions sold near the river”.

It was in August 1858 that the NSW Legislative Assembly voted £400 for the formation of the road.

In February 1861, William Stafford issued Central Illawarra Municipal Council a certificate notifying of the completion of the road by Benjamin Rixon.

Within months the road was subject to damage from flooding.

A letter from William Stafford was read at the May Council meeting stating that 21 men and a bullock team were engaged in repairing the road.

The folk who purchased land and settled to live in the Cordeaux River Valley never had it easy regarding travelling on the road. Even now, the road from the Mt Kembla Lookout to the valley is still gravel.

Next week the story continues on the slow decline of the valley and the reason the Cordeaux folk left.

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SISTER MARY: We should be doing more for asylum seekers

MOST weeks of the year seem to have been allocated to celebrate, consider, raise money or pay attention to some particular cause or movement of importance across the wider social strata.
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This one is no different. It has been nominated “Refugee Week”.

With the vast difference of opinions from all parts of society, with the political war cry “stop the boats”, with demeaning and degrading language applied willy nilly to any and all of the asylum seekers, one can be excused for being confused.

That, however, is no excuse for anyone to opt out of the debate or settle for unsubstantiated so- called reports.

Tragically, more than 45 million people around the world are displaced. War, natural disasters, persecution, discrimination and starvation are some of the reasons why people feel the need to flee their homelands.

Obviously, Australia is not in a position to accept all the people seeking asylum. Nevertheless, the question hangs in the air – are we taking a reasonable share for a modern and prosperous country?

People arriving by boat seem to be being treated differently than those who come by air, overstay their visas and apply for residence.

The advocates who have visited Manus Island or Nauru or other detention centres tell us of appalling conditions destructive of human dignity and well being, and certainly not conducive to mental or physical health.

The situation seems to fit the old adage that talks of sending the rescue services to save the people at the bottom of the cliff, rather than putting a proper fence at the top to prevent the catastrophes in the first place.

Orange can be proud of the service it has put in place to assist migrant and refugee people to assimilate and fit into the local society, and we certainly commend all those involved.

The question remains – Is there something more I can do to support this cause and let mercy and justice prevail?

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Earthquake shakes Harrington

THE earth shook for residents of Harrington on Wednesday night after a minor earthquake struck the region.
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Geoscience Australia confirmed an earthquake measuring 2.8 on the Richter scale was recorded 40km offshore and at a depth of 14km at about 7.45pm.

Duty seismologist for Geoscience Australia, Marko Maldoni, said there were several reports from residents indicating the earthquake was strong enough to briefly shake houses in the Harrington area.

“Earthquakes are not common in this particular area,” Mr Maldoni said.

“There are stress fields across the earth’s crust and every now and then that stress is released. There are a few fault lines in this part of the world but there have only been four earthquakes between Port Macquarie and Taree recorded in the last 20 years.”

Mr Maldoni said earthquakes below magnitude 3 are generally not felt, but the Mid-North Coast’s sandy geology increases the sensitivity to earth movement.

“It is a lot easier to feel tremors on sandy terrain as it amplifies seismic waves,” Mr Maldoni explained.

So are their likely to be after shocks, or a quake greater in magnitude.

Mr Maldoni said not likely, but earthquakes are a random phenomenon and can’t be predicted.

“We really are in the lap of the gods. The odds are there won’t be another earthquake in Harrington tomorrow. But we can’t say there will be more, and we can’t say there won’t be any.”

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Wimmera Hockey Association finals start

FINALS KEYS: Dimboola Women’s Kelly Smithyman, left, and Horsham Hurricane Launa Schilling will be important players in their sides’ respective finals clashes against Yanac Women and Nhill Thunderbirds tomorrow. Picture: RACHEL CLARKWIMMERA Hockey Association’s finals series will start with qualifying finals and elimination finals tomorrow on Yanac’s grassy fields.
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Yanac Hockey Club has secured the minor premiership in each of the open, women’s and junior divisions with the Tigers, Yanac Women and the Warriors all finishing on top of their respective ladders.

If all teams make grand finals, Yanac would be a chance to be the first hockey club to win the trifecta of premierships in the Wimmera association.

The Tigers are the only team across the three divisions to remain unbeaten and will play second-placed Warrack Hoops in the open qualifying final.

The Tigers have beaten an undermanned Hoops seven-nil, played a one-all draw and won a close 4-3.

With a great finals rivalry spanning many years, this finals game could go either way as both sides vie for a grand final berth.

The Hoops boast open division leading-scorer Marcus Williamson, but both teams have plenty of scoring options.

The biggest difference might come down to the defence, with the Tigers only conceding six goals this season because of some great defence by goalie Murray Miller.

Tiger Nathan Alexander has been a consistent director of play from centre-half-back and will be a key factor in this match, while Hoop Paul Slater is a forward player to watch.

Third-placed Kaniva Cobras will play fourth-placed Dimboola Men in the open elimination final.

The Cobras have won 6-1, 2-1 and one-nil, while Dimboola won the sides’ most recent encounter 4-1.

Dimboola has open division’s second highest goal-scorer Nathan Jorgensen who, together with his brother Tim, has accounted for the majority of best-on-ground honours.

Together with James Klinge’s return in time to qualify and a strong defence including talented goalie Ellie Woods the Dimboola side is firing at the right end of the season.

Cobras’ right-half-back Braden Clark and centre-half-back Clint Beattie who both scored in last round’s close win will need to fire for the team, which has been plagued by injuries and shorter numbers.

Playing coach Mathew McDonald’s possible return from injury would boost the side.

Women’s division minor premier Yanac Women will host Dimboola Women for the second consecutive week in a qualifying final.

With Erin Alexander and Anne Blackwood back tomorrow and equal top women’s division goal-scorer Louise Bone firing again at inner Yanac will have a strong side.

Dimboola has the strong and hard-hitting Elizabeth Klinge directing play from centre-half-back, Jennifer Klinge providing drive at inner, and two of the women’s division’s equal top goal-scorers Annabel Askin and Kelly Smithyman.

Third-placed Nhill Thunderbirds will battle fourth-placed Horsham Highlanders in the women’s elimination final.

Strong half-backs Launa Schilling and Robyn Creek have returned to the Horsham side and could be key factors in the outcome of this finals match.

The Highlanders also have strength in young Lucy O’Connor, who has been a consistent half-back and captain Mikaela Turvey.

Nhill’s fast forward line led by captain Stephanie Daly, Leah Hawker, and Lauren Bendall are backed by strong centre-half-back Emma Janetzki and the versatile Wendy Crowhurst.

In the junior section, Yanac Warriors and Kaniva Raiders will battle in a qualifying final for a grand final berth, while Warrack Revengers will face Nhill Leopards in an elimination final.

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CKS Swifts rolling the dice

Swifts put in an average performance in their qualifying final against Kalkee and coach Ben Martin was not impressed.
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CKS SWIFTS must bounce back with a win against Edenhope Apsley if they are to keep their Horsham District Football League grand final hopes alive.

Swifts put in an average performance in their qualifying final against Kalkee and coach Ben Martin was not impressed.

“You are not going to win games of football by only playing one decent quarter,” Martin said.

“Expecting to play one good quarter and blow your opposition out of the water just won’t cut it.”

Edenhope Apsley had a tough meeting with Harrow Balmoral in the elimination final last Sunday and with a six day break, they will be expected to have some sore bodies.

“I think having the extra day is a huge advantage for us,” Martin said.

“They had a brutal game and have less time to recover. We have to play like we have fresh legs.”

One casualty from last week’s clash was Edenhope Apsley midfielder Brent Christie.

Christie went into the match with a heavily strapped knee, but appeared to injure his hamstring in the early stages of the first quarter.

It is unlikely Christie will play this weekend and if he does he will be playing at less than 100 percent.

Swifts like the way they match up against Edenhope Apsley and were able to defeat them at the beginning of the year.

With no significant key forward Swifts will be able to free up their talls and use their size in the forward line.

“They’re not a very tall team,” Martin said.

“So we will look to stretch their defence with our bigs.”

Martin himself will return to the line up after missing the first final with a hamstring strain.

Martin was the leading goal kicker for the year and will provide a big target in their forward line.

Richard Thomas will also play despite a scare last weekend.

After driving his knee into the turf he suffered bone bruising, but will play this weekend.

Thomas had Tuesday night off resting his knee, but trained with the group last night.

Edenhope Apsley will look to capitalise through the middle with ruckman Jeremy Kealy and midfielders Dave McLeish and Chris Oliver.

Oliver plays a similar role to Josh Mibus of Kalkee in that he cuts off a lot of delivery into the Swifts forward line.

After Mibus played a role in Kalkee’s win last weekend,

Swifts will look to nullify Oliver’s impact.

Swifts don’t have too much to work on to defeat Edenhope, but there are some screws that need to be tightened.

“We have four teams playing, so for us it should feel like a regular season game,” Martin said.

“We can’t possibly play as bad as we did for those two quarters againts Kalkee.”

Swifts cannot afford to let the margin slip beyond 20 points as in the past, catch up football has been their weakness.

Swifts will get underway at Laharum from 2.20pm.

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Finals a different ball game for Navarre

After going through the home and away season undefeated Navarre’s confidence should be sky high, but assistant coach Brent Flood said the premiership is still up for grabs.NAVARRE Grasshoppers will be the early favourite as they enter their first final against Natte Bealiba in the Maryborough Castlemaine District Football League.
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After going through the home and away season undefeated their confidence should be sky high, but assistant coach Brent Flood said the premiership is still up for grabs.

“It is great to get through unscathed in the regular season,” Flood said.

“Finals is a different ball game. Everyone starts again.”

Like most teams in the Maryborough Castlemaine District Football League, this week will be their toughest round of football to date.

Navarre meet the red hot Natte Bealiba, who in recent weeks, have been in the best form of the competition.

“It is a massive game, there is no doubt about it,” Flood said.

“We want to set ourselves up for the rest of the finals and that means we need to start with a win.”

Navarre is a young team, but given they won the premiership last year, they know what to expect on the big stage.

“We are under no illusion that we are guaranteed another chance,” Flood said.

“You have to work for your finals spot from week to week. Position on the ladder means nothing, now it’s a new season.”

Navarre boasts one of the strongest forward lines in the competition, with league leading goalkicker Ash Driscoll at full forward.

Their backline is also tough at full strength, however Bryce Tickner is expected to have another week on the sidelines before he returns.

Navarre midfielders have had some work put into them at training over the last month to improve their clearance work and that will need to be on display with the strength of Natte Bealiba through the middle.

Brent Mortlock is a hard in and under player who will win the contested ball, while Stephen Ross is an outside runner who is very clean with his disposal.

Navarre will nullify their impact as much as possible, but their strategy for winning is simple.

“If each Navarre player beats his opponent, we win,” Flood said.

Flood is expecting a big effort from everyone tomorrow and hopes all can bring something to the table.

“Whoever is picked has earned their spot,” Flood said.

“For those who miss ,they have a run in the reserves and prove themselves. Players will need to stand up to hold their position.”

Navarre has the bonus of having both junior teams and reserves also in the finals.

“It is every step together at the moment and we hope to keep it that way.”

Navarre will take on Natte Bealiba tomorrow at Princes Park from 2.35pm.

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Mininera Finals history between Hawks and Pumas

Goal kicker Daniel Guninane in action during the Pumas’ most recent clash with the Hawks.MOYSTON/WILLAURA and Tatyoon will renew their finals’ rivalry tomorrow at Lake Bolac as the Mininera and District Football League finals’ series moves into week two.
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The league’s two top teams of 2014 will go head-to-head in the second semi final, with the victor fast tracked through to the grand final in a fortnight’s time.

These two clubs have recent history when it comes to September showdowns.

The Hawks and Pumas are two of the most successful sides in the Mininera both playing finals football in every season since 2008 which has seen them meet on three occasions.

Tatyoon has the bragging rights to all three encounters by an average winning margin of 41 points, however Pumas’ coach Trent Fiscalini said the past will count for little when the Hawks and Moyston/Willaura resume hostilities.

“We’ve looked back to when they beat us at Willaura (in round four), it was an interrupted match. We were six goals up halfway through the third quarter and lost by 11 points,” he said.

“But then I think we got back a bit of confidence given the last time we played them (20-point win in round 14), we beat them at their home ground under conditions that didn’t really suit us,

“We know they are a finals’ team and have been that for the past couple of years, but this year is a lot different we’ve got a new playing group, different structures and just the way we go about things has changed.

“So we don’t look back any further than our past two matches.”

Confidence is a critical factor when it comes to finals and neither side is lacking this heading into the weekend.

Tatyoon coach Jarrod Blandford said the Hawks are ‘clicking as a team’ at the right time of the year and produced one of their most impressive performances in the qualifying final by downing Hawkesdale/Macarthur by 102-points.

“We have certainly got a good amount of confidence on the back of our last month of football, not just the victory that came out of the weekend,” he said.

“Getting to the business end of the season we have started to gel together more as a team. Having a more consistent side week-in week-out has really helped.”

The Pumas earned a week’s break courtesy of securing the minor premiership and the team will quickly find out if this was a help or a hindrance in Saturday’s opening quarter.

Fiscalini said all players are eager to go, so he isn’t expecting a slow start from his charges.

“We are all pretty refreshed physically and mentally and right to go,” he said.

“(The weekend off) just gave guys that had a couple of niggles a chance to get over them, do a bit more running and fine tune some ball skills.”

Fiscalini said with the round 16 clash against Glenthompson/Dunkeld virtually a ‘dead rubber’ he took the opportunity to rest many of his players ahead of an intense September assault.

With a fortnight to rest up, the Pumas will have as many as eight changes for this important contest with the Hawks, including key senior figures Sam Seres, Lynden Brewis, Aaron McKinnis and Fiscalini himself.

One player that did play against the Rams was joint-captain Matt Peel, who returned after more than a month on the sidelines with injury.

Fiscalini said having the half-forward back in time for the club’s finals’ campaign was a massive boost.

“Peely is a bloke that is just born and bred Moyston, he lifts a lot of spirits around him when he is on the field,” he said.

“As a player he is just really good overhead, takes strong contested marks and is really smart.”

Tatyoon also has plenty of smart footballers that the Pumas will need to be mindful of.

With the Hawks boasting a potent forward line led by Steve Butler (82 goals for the season), Kye Chapple (58) and Mitch Cronin (24) and the Pumas doing the same through Lachie Hamilton (56), McKinnis (40) and Daniel Guinane (33), this match could turn into a high scoring affair.

Blandford said despite the star power in both forward-50s, he isn’t expecting a shootout.

“I don’t see it going that way. I think both sides have very good backlines and both have good midfields as well,” he said.

“It all depends, if the mids allow the opposition to get out and use the ball freely then it probably will turn into a shootout, but will be aiming for a tough contest in the middle and try and restrict scoring as best we can.

“Definitely we look at our onball brigade again, the likes of Sean and Tim McDougall, Kye Chapple to stand up.

“In the forwardline we have Steve and Mitch in good form and in defence Tim Barr is leading the way.”

Defenders Josh Day and Rhys Cronin will be given big assignments by Fiscalini, while through the centre ruckman Josh Bywater and workhorse Luke Thomas are capable of taking control for the Pumas.

With so much to play for Fiscalini is anticipating another epic finals’ encounter between these two clubs, in what could be a prelude to the decider on September 13.

“It will be a good match Saturday and it always tends to be between us and Tatyoon, not just for the rivalry, but mainly due to the fact we have a lot of similar players,” he said.

“Throughout the whole ground we match up really, really well.”

In the other senior match Hawkesdale/Macarthur will look to bounce back from its big loss, when it meets Penshurst in Sunday’s elimination final.

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