MY LIFE CHANGE: Keeping stress levels under control is critical

IT’S hard to avoid anxiety and stress in the modern lifestyle.

It’s the levels that can be a problem. A small amount of stress is good for most people. It keeps us alert, involved in life and provides some challenges. Life with no stress would soon become boring.

The problem for most of us is how to handle stress so that we can benefit from the challenges without having it overwhelm us. We are all aware of the dangers of too much stress or anxiety – it’s bad for both our mental and physical health.

The good news is that there are a number of techniques that we can use to help us control our stress levels, so that we can enjoy the excitement and challenges without being overcome by the pressure. Here are a few simple techniques that most of us can use.

(1) Be aware if you’re stressed;

And be prepared to do something about it. Just ignoring it is a really bad idea.

(2) Mix with positive people;

Think about your circle of friends. Do they encourage a positive outlook or do they bring out the worst in you. If it’s the latter, perhaps you should spend more of your time with people who inspire your good qualities.

(3) Be optimistic;

We are living in one of the best places in the world and we have lots to be thankful for. Instead of focussing on what’s wrong with you and everyone else, think about all the good things going on around us. It’s about developing a positive outlook.

(4) Turn off the TV;

While it’s important to be informed about local and world events, if we are constantly bombarded with stories of violence, conflict and bad behaviour, it takes a toll on our nervous system. Long hours in front of the TV generally means little time for exercise or mental stimulation. We need both.

(5) Write it down;

Identifying what makes you anxious and then writing it down can help you control those negative inner voices. Unhelpful thinking patterns are habits and habits can be changed, if we work at it. By writing down your negative thoughts which cause anxiety, you can look at them rationally and decide that they shouldn’t be causing you all this angst. Remember you can change your unhelpful thinking patterns.

(5) Develop the habit of relaxing;

Find ways to take time out and relax. It could be long walks, regular exercise, good books, yoga classes or get into the habit of meditating. Whatever works for you. Do it as a regular part of your routine.

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