Esperance letters: Wind farm lifespan questioned

I READ with a deal of despair the announcement by Synergythat they intend to close the wind power farm at Esperance, after a mere 20 years service providing sustainable energy to the community.

Which begs the analysis:Is the system worn out, or not the money-earner that Synergy envisaged?

The Irish Sea has copious numbers of wind power generators supplying to Ireland’s mainland as do the Danish in their surrounding oceans. Wind generators sunk into the ocean floor like pylons for an oil/gas rig.

Not with a piffling 20 year life span on dry land but in place forever save standard replacement parts.

Subsequently the Esperance life span is looking decidedly shaky on several fronts, for example if Western Power only ever meant the wind farms to last 20 years – why?

Why was a sustainable long term power supply system given such a short lease of life when wind farms all over the world are in a system that goes on for decades, the list is endless.

It would appear sustainability has been shuttled off to play with the fairies at the bottom of the garden!

John Bain

South Bunbury

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